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We charge 75 USD per hour
of actual work

We send a bill per delivered milestone.
You pay within 14 days of receiving the bill.
How the billing process works
Short version: 75 USD per hour worked, billed after each milestone.
You pay 14 days later.

Slightly longer version: Each milestone comes with an effort (hours) and price (USD) estimate. The hourly price is always 75 USD, the price estimate is just multiplying the effort estimate by 75.

We continuously track our work, and you can view reports about how much effort we've put so far into the milestone (and consequently how much it's costing you so far).

After the milestone is delivered and approved by you, we send you the final numbers, in hours and USD. It's extremely likely that these numbers will be different from our estimate. No matter if they're lower or higher, that's the price you have to pay.

Honestly, estimates are pretty bad in general. They're just a barely educated guess, and we're asking you to commit to us based on that, knowing that the end result could end up being twice as expensive. That's why we make our milestones small, to make your commitments small!
It's a little thing we learned from agile software development, and it's all about reducing risk. Specifically, your risk.

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