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Better cloud solutions for startups

Improve development speed, reduce costs and get ready to scale
Do it fast and right
Startups build fast now and right it later.
We build it just as fast, and we build it right.

With our aws consulting and cloud architecture services we make the right decisions at the right time, helping you build faster and cheaper.

We don't overengineer so you don't overpay.

Our cloud and devops services cost the same as you would pay your generalist dev to figure this out, but we deliver expert results.

Already started on the wrong foot? We can fix it early, before it snowballs out of control.

What we can do for you
Different stages have different needs. We focus on what matters now.

Who we are
Simply put, we're expert AWS solutions architects who really know and like startups.

Formally, we are an it consulting service provider specialized in cloud consultancies and software consultancies.
Our services can be catalogued as managed devops services, devops as a service, it consulting support or cloud devops consulting.

Basicaly, if you've got a problem with AWS, you talk to us and we solve it.

We've worked with dozens of startups, on multiple projects, with more technologies than we have fingers and toes. We've built, launched, re-factored, re-launched, fixed, broken (it happens sometimes), fixed it again, re-built and re-re-re-launched many solutions. Whatever your situation is, we've probably been there, done that and gotten a T-Shirt for it. And if we haven't, we'd like a T-Shirt, pretty please.

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How we work
This is the process we follow

We're not going to blindly prescribe things. Context is everything, so that's where we start. Then we solve your pain points one by one, until you are happy with where you are. We don't overengineer solutions or try to solve problems that aren't there.

  • Our goal is for both of us to better understand your problems and consider a solution.

    We will generally follow this structure:

    Context of your startup
    Where you are now
    Where you'd like to be
    Your pain points
    What a solution looks like
    Next steps
    How we work

    Less than 48 hours after this call you'll receive a summary of what we discussed and a proposal for our work. On the next step, based on that proposal we will design together a solution.

    After this meeting you should have a better understanding of what your problems are and what a solution looks like. We want you to get some value out of this, even if we don't end up working together this time.

  • Our goal is to have a plan to go forward. We don't consider every small detail, just the architecture.

    We also agree on how we'll work together and what milestones we'll deliver.

    Everything is up for discussion, but we don't need to discuss everything right now. We can start with the first milestone, and then come back to this step.

    At the end of this step you will receive a contract for our services.

  • Milestones are as small as we can make them. They are determined together with you so they can add value independently, but be delivered as early as possible.

    Our focus is on shortening the feedback cycle. We will be communicating often while we work on the milestone, but we understand that you will only see the final results once it's delivered. For that reason, we make our milestones as small as we can.

    We want your feedback early and often. We want to correct course and change the plan quickly, when needed.

    Couldn't we just deliver everything at once, or move directly from one milestone to the next? We could, but we've found that our best solutions are the ones where we listen early and listen often. For that reason, after every milestone we stand still for a moment and listen.

  • There's always the next thing, the next problem, the next milestone. In fact, we could build a huge backlog of stuff we could sell you, and keep you hooked for years. We don't do that.

    Every time we finish a milestone, we decide on the next one together with you, and check whether it's valuable enough right now. We know you're trying to build a lot with little, and we don't want to waste your money.

    We are problem solvers, and we only solve problems worth solving. We don't overengineer, and we don't overcharge. This is the step where we make sure of that. That's why we keep our milestones short and our reviews frequent.

We charge 75 USD per hour of actual work
We send a bill per delivered milestone. You pay within 14 days of receiving the bill.

Each milestone comes with an effort (hours) and price (USD) estimate. The hourly price is always 75 USD. You can view reports about how much effort we've put so far into a milestone and how much it's costing you.

After the milestone is delivered we send you the final numbers in hours and USD. These numbers will be different from our estimate. That's the price you have to pay. To reduce your risk, we keep our milestones small and your commitments small.

Ready to get started?
Let's talk about your pain points and how we can solve them.
The call is free, and you'll get value out of it, even if we don't end up working together this time.